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Old Rich Text fields lose data (sometimes?)


This issue was reported on 2010 site collections migrated to 2013. Old Rich Text fields neither load nor save their data on all forms when SPEasyForms is installed (even forms that have not been configured with SPEasyForms). I have not been able to reproduce this myself, but the problem is severe enough and I've had enough problems with old Rich Text fields in the past that my fix is to remove any support for configuring forms that have old Rich Text fields. Note that newer Enhanced Rich Text fields (or multi-line Plain Text fields) still work just fine. Fix:
  1. On forms that contain old Rich Text fields, SPEasyForms will detect them and not modify the form in any way.
  2. The SPEasyForms settings page will detect old Rich Text fields and abort with an error dialog.
Closed Jun 25, 2016 at 8:49 PM by mcsheaj
This issue is fixed in 2015.01.03