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jQuery-UI Theme is Loaded on All Pages


This was an unintended side effect of a last minute change for loading additional JavaScript and CSS files. I actually kind of like it, because SPEasyForms has become kind of a Swiss army knife for customizing sites, and I use jQuery and jQuery-UI in a lot of customizations so having them loaded all the time is pretty useful, but its also a pretty invasive if you aren't using them and if you were using a different jQuery-UI theme which I'm stepping on its obviously very invasive.

Anyway, what I'm going to do is add a default setting called alwaysLoadJQueryUICSS, with a default value of false, in which case the jQuery-UI CSS will only be loaded on forms, and only if they've been configured in SPEasyForms for some layout (which is how it used to be).

And for my own nefarious purposes, and if you happen to find it useful, you can go into ~sitecollection/Style Library/SPEasyFormsAssets/SPEasyForms_DefaultSettings.js and set it to true to make it always load the theme for a given site collection.

It will probably take a couple of weeks or so to get out another release.
Closed May 3, 2016 at 12:06 PM by mcsheaj