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Sharepoint 2013 Calendar View

Mar 26 at 8:49 PM

I'm noticing that the forms in the calendar are not affected by any changes to the SP Easy forms?

Is there a possible workaround?

Mar 28 at 10:07 PM
Playing around more, seems like the display form is working but the New and Edit forms are not applying any of the SPEasyForms Settings on the calendar items.

I've tried a few different calendars.
Mar 29 at 9:59 PM
Back at it!

Seems like it is working in Chrome but not in Explorer?
Mar 31 at 12:59 AM
Hi Adam,

This is actually a known limitation of SPEasyForms at the moment. The problem is that forms containing the old rich text fields have problems when you muck with the DOM the way SPEasyForms does, as reported in:

Issue 49: Old Rich Text fields lose data (sometimes?)

I was not able to fix this issue, and it involved loss of data, so I had to remove support for forms with old rich text fields from SPEasyForms. The Description field in the Event content type used in Calendars is such a field, and unfortunately you can't even change it to plain text or enhanced text like you can in any other list containing old rich text fields. This limitation is due to Outlook integration.

There is a work around of hiding the description field, and if you want, adding an enhanced rich text field to hold the description. There is a discussion on MSDN in which Tom Daly describes how to do that:

How to change Calendar description field to rich text?

The SPEasyForms editor is also supposed to tell you of the issue and not let you configure a list that has old rich text fields, but there is a bug where that is not working in 2013 and earlier, described here:

Dialog explaining that old rich text fields are not supported does not work on SP 2013 or earlier

I have fixed that bug, and it will be in my next release, but I don't have a date for that yet.

BTW, the reason it works in chrome is because Microsoft replaces the rich text editor with a plain text editor in all browsers except IE, so I don't detect a rich text editor because it's not there.

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Mar 31 at 7:49 PM
Thank you for your detailed response, I will take a look