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Sandboxed Disabled, how to upload and use

Feb 7 at 3:06 AM
The genius' in our IT department have disabled Sandboxed Solutions for my SP2010 Site collection.
I have deployed on a test server and copied the files across to my Style Library but pages aren't firing the javascript.

I have attempted to modify the file-paths, but the pages aren't loading correctly.
I could be missing something?
Is there an easy way to update the script paths manually?
Feb 7 at 3:52 PM
The main thing the sandbox solution is doing is setting up a bunch of script user custom actions, which cause my JavaScript to load on every page on the site (there are actually only a few custom actions for the release build). I actually have a wiki page that you can drop in any document library and open, to manually setup script links (I wrote it for a Client Side Rendering session I've been doing for a while now). Let me dig up that code and I'll make it available for you to download and write some quick instructions on how to use it to get SPEasyForms working without the sandbox.

As I've presented on SPEasyForms over the years, I've had questions regarding disabled sandboxes and SPEasyForms, and I've always said ask for it in the discussion forum or put it in as a feature request and I will make an easy way to do it, but nobody's ever asked so I've never gotten around to doing it. Now that you've asked, I guess when I get a chance I will add a zip file download available with instruction on how to install without the sandbox. The page I'm talking about above is a bit more manual, but you can have it faster ;).

I'll write up instructions for you on my blog and let you know when they're ready (shouldn't take long, maybe even later today).

Feb 7 at 8:47 PM
mcsheaj wrote:
I'll write up instructions for you on my blog and let you know when they're ready (shouldn't take long, maybe even later today).
Wow, thanks for the fast response Joe, that would benefit a lot of people I would expect.

Many thanks for your efforts.
Feb 7 at 11:40 PM
Edited Feb 7 at 11:58 PM
Ok, I've got it written up, which you can find here: Installing SPEasyForms in Farms Where Sandbox Solutions are not an Option

The SetScriptLinks.aspx page that I'm using is something I've been using for a while to install Client Side Rendering solutions on SP 2010, 2013, 2016, and Online, so it is pretty well tested, but I did have to modify it slightly to accommodate SPEasyForms and I only tested that Online, so you're going to be my test pilot ;). I only made a very small change though, so I'm pretty confident it will work in all supported versions of SharePoint.

Let me know if you run into any problems (or even if you don't)

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