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SP Foundation 2013 - SPEasyForms keeps showing Initializing Form

Jan 3 at 9:59 AM

I added the last release SPEasyForms.2015.01.06 to my SharePoint 2013 Foundation Server.

When I open a SPEasyForms for a list, the form loads and shows my list fields and buttons, etc but it keeps showing "Initializing Form" only.

So actually I cannot use it. I tried it with several Browsers but neither IE 11 nor Firefox works

Any idea?

Thanks Michael
Feb 1 at 9:17 AM
Hello Michel!

I also have the same problem, did you solve it? or any idea?


Feb 7 at 4:16 PM
Unfortunately, I've never had a SharePoint foundation instance to test on. The issue you're having almost certainly means my JavaScript has crashed for some reason. If you check the console in developer tools, it might provide an error message that would give a clue as to what's happening. I do know that over the years I've definitely had feedback from people who were using it successfully on SharePoint Foundation, so older versions used to work. Not sure when I might have introduced the problem. If you like, I can make some of the older 2015.01.xx releases available so you can see if any of them work for you, which might also give me a clue about where I introduced the issue?


PS. Sorry about the slow response. I have CodePlex forwarding these posts to my mail because I don't check here very often, and it seems that not all posts are getting forwarded all of the sudden?
Feb 27 at 4:47 PM
I was able to spin up a SharePoint 2013 Foundation server, but SPEasyForms worked fine on my install. I'm not sure what issue you could be running into, but it is not a systemic incompatibility between SPEasyForms and SharePoint Foundation.

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