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Export issue with SpEasyForms

May 14, 2015 at 1:45 PM

We are currently migrating to a new SharePoint 2013 site collection. I used the standard method to export and import SharePoint sites from one site collection to another ( I also had to install all apps and solution that were on the old SharePoint including SPEasyForms. I used the import/export function from SPEasyForms and after I imported the JSON configuration, nothing works like it should. The columns and the visibility configurations are all the same but around half the columns are invisible and the rules for conditional visiblity are not working anymore. The latest addon for SpEasyForms is installed.

Thanks in advance and kind regards
May 18, 2015 at 12:50 AM
Export does nothing but open the configuration text file. Import does almost nothing but read the configuration text file back out. The one and only data manipulation that import does is check if adapters link to external lists (like cascading drop downs), and if the list id doesn't exist it looks for a list with the same title and updates the list id.

So if rules don't work after export and import, it can pretty much only be that the lists are not identical. SPEasyForms uses the internal names of fields in it's configuration. It can't use the display names because those can change. So in general, if rules aren't working after an import, it means the two lists have different internal names for some fields. All you can do is check all of the field internal names for a rule that doesn't work and look for discrepancies (i.e. check the internal name of the field to which the rule applies, and also the internal names of any other fields that are referenced in conditions based on the value of another field).

May 18, 2015 at 1:39 AM
The other thing to check is group names. Since you're moving to a new site collection, if you have rules based on membership in a SharePoint groups, you need to have groups in the new site collection with the exact same name, and they need to have the same membership in order to work the same.

May 18, 2015 at 12:46 PM
For the same list I deleted the rules and made them from the beginning but it didn't solve it.
I created a complete new list and made some columns. The rules and columns are similar to the imported list but there are still some issues.

Column rule
I'll use the column "Neuer Eintritt?" as an example. This column is a Yes/No column and it has only one rule for coloring. If its marked then the column is green colored.

New form
I open the new form and marked the column "Neuer Eintritt?" and nothing is happening.

Other column
For some reason if I make changes to the columns "Name Mitarbeiter" and "Dropdown1" then "Neuer Eintritt?" is green colored. The problem is that the rule of "Neuer Eintritt?" is independent from other columns and these columns shouldn’t have an effect to the column „Neuer Eintritt?“. It seems that every list on the site collection has the same issues. Read only rules on an other list is somehow working but everything else has the same problem.
i have no idea what the problem is. I've used SPEasyForms on 3 other site collection (2 on same farm and domain) and it worked flawlessly but on this site collection it's not working. I even installed an old AddOn version but the problem is the same.
I just heard today that the new SharePoint wasn’t installed correctly. SharePoint and the SQL Server are installed on the same server. Could that be problem?

Thanks in advance and kind regards
May 18, 2015 at 4:41 PM
Unfortunately, I have no idea? It sounds like you are having a problem with asynchronous post backs occurring or not occurring as expected. That makes me suspect either a conflict with some other customization of the site (could be a feature or a master page tweak, etc.), or with an OOTB site or site collection feature. The feature "Minimal Download Strategy" immediately comes to mind as a potential culprit.

You might try checking all of the features that are installed and enabled at the site and site collection level, and comparing a site that works to a site that doesn't. If there are differences, try to synch them up and see what happens.

It's certainly possible that if SharePoint isn't installed correctly it could be the problem, but if it's just that SQL Server is on the same box it doesn't seem that likely to me.

With such a screwy set of discrepancies, there's little chance I can home in on the problem without being able to step through it in a JavaScript debugger, but if you keep sending me info I'll help as much as I can.

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May 19, 2015 at 7:28 AM
Edited May 20, 2015 at 1:54 PM

The default masterpage was the standard unmodified seattle.master and I deactivated some features but the result was the same. This morning I found out something interesting. The rules are working normally but only in the default form. If the columns are inside a container (I used columns and tabs) then the rules are not working properly. It seems that the containers are the culprit for this problem. This is strange since I in the other SharePoint site collections, the containers worked properly. As you can see in the third picture from my previous post, the column Dropdown1 worked because it was in the default form and the columns above which didn't worked were in a column container.
I hope this information can help. I will post again if I found something else.

Edit: The new SharePoint was installed today and at first SPEasyForms was working normally but after I imported a site for test purposes, the same problem was back again. The rules are only working in the default form, but in the containers they become nonfunctional.

Edit 2: I'll send you a Youtube video which shows for what we are using SPEasyForms. The interesting parts begins at the 15th second.

Edit 3: Today I tried it with different versions from SPEasyForms and the result was always the same. I deactivated and activated some features but it didn't made any difference.
The problem is still that the rules for conditional visibility of columns inside a container are not working. (But in the default form the rules are working normally)

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May 21, 2015 at 11:53 AM
The problem is still that the rules for conditional visibility of columns inside a container are not working in the whole site collection. (But in the default form the rules are working normally).

I used the standard method to export and import SharePoint sites from one site collection to another (

It seems that after several tests to be the problem. I am now 100% sure because I tested it with another SharePoint site collection.

Can anyone help me.

Kind regards
May 21, 2015 at 1:07 PM
If you can briefly describe the steps you used to migrate the site collection, I will try it and see if I can reproduce your issue, but I probably not be able to get to it until early next week.

May 21, 2015 at 3:00 PM
I will describe my steps for migrating SharePoint sites:
  1. On the freshly created site collection I only installed SPEasyForms and nothing else.
  2. I created a test site and within the site test lists. After that I used SPEasyForms to create some rules for coloring and conditional visiblity. Everything was working normally.
  3. From the old site collection I exported a site for test purposes. I exported the site using the export function in Central Administration.
  4. In Central Administration I opened „Backup and Restore“ then I clicked „Export a site or list“.
  5. I exported an entire subsite as an cmp file to a folder in C: Disk.
  6. I zipped the folder with the cmp file and used Google Drive to transfer the files to the new SharePoint Server.
  7. I extracted the folder to C: Disk and then I used the Power Shell command „Import-SPWeb https://sharepoint/subsite -Path "C:\client-export\client.cmp" –UpdateVersions Overwrite“ to import the entire subsite into the new SharePoint site collection.
  8. After the import, SPEasyForms wasn't working correctly. Not only on a single site but in the entire site collection.
We also tried to import two lists into an older sitecollection and the problem was the same. Firstly SPEasyForms worked but after I imported two lists, SPEasyForms stopped working correctly on the entire site collection.
I don't know how importing a site could break the rules on SPEasyForms. Does import change something on the site collection or the server itself?

Thank in advance and kind regards.