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I'm running SharePoint 2013 Enterprise with the October 2013 Update. I've created a simple custom list, which I've added a Yes/No field to that defaults to No, which looks like:


Now I create a simple SPEasyForms configuration with a single conditional visibility rule that says 'Hide the field Title when YesNo equals NO', which looks like:

Now if I launch the new form, the title field is hidden because the YesNo field is unchecked:

If I check the box, it shows the title:

If I open the edit form for an item where YesNo is unchecked (i.e. NO), the title is hidden:


And if I open it for an item where YesNo is checked (i.e. YES), the title is shows:

Finally, if I check or uncheck the YesNo field in either the new or edit forms, the title field is shown or hidden as expected. I know you said the view form was working, but just to be thorough I check it as well, and it is working.



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