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Is it possible to break a list form relation to the SPEasyForms theme If it is not the Default form?

Mar 3 at 6:47 PM
Edited Mar 13 at 4:27 PM
I have the SPEasyForms applied to a very long list that uses tabs and other SPEasyForms containers. I’ve attempted to create a custom print view based on the list DispForm that does not apply the SPEasyForms theme so that all of the fields will print without the theme elements. However; even though my customized form is not the default "DispForm" form, it still applies the SPEasyForms theme. Is there a way to break the relation to the SPEasyForms theme?


*Update - for anyone else who might have a similar issue the following is a workaround for creating a “Print View” page that will not apply the SPEasyForms theme.
  1. Create a customized “DispForm”
  2. Open the customized DispForm in “Advanced” mode
  3. Delete the default DFWP from the “Main” zone of the page
  4. Select the “Insert” tab from the top menu
  5. Select the “Display Item Form” button from the ribbon bar and then select the “Custom List Form” option from the drop-down list
  6. Select the list and content type to be used for the form and then select “Display” for the type of form to create.(since I created a “Print View” page, I did not select “Show standard toolbar”)
From this point, the new display form can be customized in anyway needed and should not apply the SPEasyForms theme.

Mar 15 at 12:56 PM
SPEasyForms currently uses the name of the form to determine the type of the form. i.e. if it contains the word New, Edit, or Display, it will assume it is the corresponding form. So if you don't use any of those words in your form name, SPEasyForms will not transform the form. For instance, if you create a form called PrintItem.aspx SPEasyForms will not transform it, but if you rename it to PrintDisplayItem.aspx, SPEasyForms will assume it is the display form and transform it.

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