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Document Sets

Feb 9 at 1:31 PM
"Document Set"-Content type are currently not shown in the content type selection box. So we can't optimize our new/edit/display forms.

We have two business cases where we have a lot of fields on our document sets.
Is there a technical reason behind it? Feature request?
Feb 15 at 3:03 PM
Document Sets are not supported in SPEasyForms. I don't specifically mention them in the documentation, but I do mention that SPEasyForms only works with the standard new, edit and display forms, and document sets use a substantially different form. The same is true of Surveys and Data Connections, so they don't work in SPEasyForms either. The DOM that is produced in these forms is just too different form the standard forms for the same code to work in standard forms and these highly customized forms.

I can certainly understand that there are business cases where people might want to use SPEasyForms on these lists, but it would effectively be a complete re-write of SPEasyForms for each of these special cases (because they don't produce the same DOM as the standard forms, but they also don't produce the same DOM as each other, each of them produces a substantially different DOM), and I'm never going to have the time to support that, especially across 4 different versions of SharePoint.

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