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New List Column Will Not Show in SPEasyForms

Nov 18, 2016 at 2:15 PM
I added a new column to a list that I had already configured with SPEasyForms. I have tried numerous things to get the new column to show in SPEasyForms Configuration like deleting the configuration text file, from Site Assets, to start over again and clearing the cache (with both the SPEasyForms cache button and the web browser) but it does not work. So is there a way, when a new column is added to a list, to have the new column display in a form that is already configured with SPEasyForms without recreating the entire list?

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions.
Nov 22, 2016 at 7:37 PM
Edited Nov 22, 2016 at 7:48 PM
Sorry, I answered too quickly ;). I do this all the time; add a new column, clear the cache, and the new column shows up in the editor/settings page.

So I guess I need more details, to try and figure out what's not working for you and why? For starters, I can't tell exactly what the problem is from your description. Does the new column not show up in the SPEasyForms editor/settings page? Or does it not show up on the new, edit, display forms for the list? It sounds like you're saying the latter or both.

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Nov 28, 2016 at 2:49 PM
No problem as it is a very weird issue and, at this point, I think it is just a corrupt list because I have applied the SPEasyForms to another list and I can add/remove/modify columns with no problems. However; with this list the new column does show up on the New/Edit/Display forms but does not show up on the SPEasyForms. The same behavior persists whether or not I clear the cache, use a custom New/Edit/Display form or the default forms. So in the mean time I have gone ahead and re-created the list (didn't want to because of so many columns :-(...) and everything with SPEasyForms seems to be working just fine.

Thanks so much for your time!
Feb 6 at 3:47 AM
Edited Feb 6 at 4:05 AM
The same is happening to me. New fields/columns I added are not showing up to select in SPEasyForms. As with opowell12, I have data and can not easily delete and start over.

To answer your question: The fields/columns do NOT show up in the SPEasyForms editor/settings page.

Thinking about my problem and reading other posts, I believe these fields/columns are from a lookup - the field that is being used for the lookup appears but not the other fields brought back with it. Ummm.