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Cannot get changes to take effect

Jun 28, 2016 at 8:05 PM

First of all thank you for this great tool!
I installed the latest version and managed to get it activated on my sharepoint 2013 site. I can now see the SPEasyFrom on the ribbon. I have added an "Issue Tracker" list and wanted to configure it using SPEasyFroms. Unfortunately the configuration (set certain fields hidden and reordering) does not take effect. Can you please give me some pointers on how to troubleshoot this issue.
Jun 29, 2016 at 12:00 AM
From your description, it seems pretty likely to me that I've introduced a bad bug in the latest release. I've hidden the release for now until I get a chance to look at it, which will be Friday at the earliest.

Jul 4, 2016 at 7:11 PM
I should have been able to answer this question much quicker, but I'm not particularly familiar with the Issue Tracker list type. The problem is that the Issue Tracker has 2 fields (Description and Comments) that are the older 2007-style rich text fields. I've always had issues with this type of field, but I had a recent report of loss of data in these fields for 2010 site migrated to 2013. This was sufficiently serious that I decided to drop support for forms that contain this field type altogether, as described in:

Issue 49 - Old Rich Text fields lose data (sometimes?)

which I also included in the release notes for 2015.01.03.

The only work around is to reconfigure these fields to be Enhanced Rich Text (or Plain Text) Multiple Lines of Text fields. If you can't do that for whatever reason, you can't use SPEasyForms on the form.

Still, there is a bug that I'll have to look into. The SPEasyForms settings page should popup a dialog stating that you can't configure a list with older Rich Text fields on it and telling you which fields need to be changed in order to use SPEasyForms. I'll definitely look into why that isn't working for the next release, but that was more of a nice to have; the loss of data was the bigger issue.

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Jul 4, 2016 at 7:50 PM
Edited Jul 5, 2016 at 10:58 PM
BTW, I have identified why the dialog on the settings page isn't getting triggered, and it's because of a slight difference in the list schema between SharePoint 2013 and 2016/Online. In the later versions the schema.xml returned by the web services identifies older rich text fields as richtext="TRUE" and richtextmode="compatible", and enhanced rich text as richtext="TRUE" and richtextmode="FullHtml". My code checks for richtext="TRUE" and richtextmode="compatible", and if it finds a field with both set then it pops up the dialog.

Unfortunately, the 2013 web service returns richtext="TRUE", but richtextmode is not defined at all for older rich text fields. Enhanced Rich Text fields are the same in all version, so I just need to change my code to check for richtext="TRUE" and richtextmode!="FullHtml" and it will work in all versions.

Either way, the code that decides if SPEasyForms will work on the form or not doesn't use the web services, it can get everything it needs form the form/DOM itself, so on all version SPEasyForms will no longer work on forms that have older rich text fields, but only on SharePoint versions later than 2013 will it tell you why on the settings page. I will fix this eventually, but I'm a little too busy to do a release just for this, so for now it's a known issue.